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Wormax Io

Wormax Io Unblocked Hacked Game

Wormaxio: Tactical Multiplayer Worm IO Game

Wormaxio is reminiscent of other worms IO games, which are already a little longer in the market. Look and feel are modeled after the mega-blockbuster Slitherio, but there are some changes that make Wormax a unique and tactically minded multiplayer fun that is second to none. The appearance of the worms or snakes is a little reminiscent of cartoon characters and the gameplay has been extended by a few offensive and defensive options.

Wormax Tips & Tricks, Mods, Zoom

Swiftly move to the center of the map and eat dead enemies.
Cross the path of other worms to run into you and die.
Catch other Wormax players by circling.
Stop (W) your worm if someone is behind you. He will probably touch you and die.
Press E if you have been circled, because in Ghost Mode, you can glide through other worms without dying.
Unfortunately, there are no known zoom / mods for Wormax.
Wormax style of play
The developers behind wanted to give players more defensive options, which is why they added 2 new abilities. By pressing the “W” key, your own worm will freeze for several seconds and stop immediately. The head remains flexible and you can choose a new direction of movement. This is the secret weapon when there is suddenly a lot of action on the field or an opponent gets in the way.

By pressing the “E” key, the worm becomes partially invisible and can run through other worms without harm. This is very helpful if you have been circled or if you want to quickly reach interesting points to which the direct path is blocked.

There are also helpful objects lying around on the playing field, which should be used for his part. These include a temporary speed boost and the ability to grow faster. The experienced Wormax player knows how to use these opportunities to rise faster in the leaderboard.