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WORMATE IO – online multiplayer IO game

Welcome to another snake-io game, similar to Slitherio or Wormax, but with more beautiful colors and yummy sweets to eat instead of glowing dots. If you like then you should definitely try this game here! Wormate IO has taken the online gaming world by storm, guaranteeing a dynamic story and pleasing graphics. The game can be played for free so you can start feeding your pets right away – cute, colorful worms. Using mods and skins, you can design your snakes to your liking and stand out from the other players. After each game, you will receive coins more dependent on your performance. With the coins new skins can be purchased in the shop. All worms in Wormateio have the natural urge for perfection and want to grow into a giant anaconda, so the little worms are constantly on the move. Silence your hunger with delicious sweets such as biscuits and pies, which are everywhere on the field, but be careful otherwise you will end up as a dessert of small and large snakes.

Players from all over the world are playing on the pitch and are also looking for goodies and potential victims, like you! If you manage to eliminate another snake by driving into your body, it will turn into a pile of sweets. The feast can begin, be quiet greedy. The more you eat, the bigger and longer your snake gets, which will give you a distinct advantage in the rest of the game. In addition, coins and cool bonuses also hide on the map. These will make you faster for a brief moment, attract food like a magnet, make you more agile, or give you a big multiplier to help you grow even faster. Use the bonuses to become the biggest worm on the server and get the first place in the ranking.

How to play WORMATE IO

To control your colorful, sweet worm, all you need is your mouse. Move the mouse in the direction you want your worm to crawl and it will follow your mouse pointer. To accelerate click the left mouse button. With the Boost you can free yourself from brute situations or launch a surprise attack and cut the path of an enemy worm or even completely encircle it. Keep in mind that using the turbo will decrease the mass of your worm. When the head of a worm touches your body, the enemy worm dies and you can absorb its mass. The same goes for you, so take care of your head!