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Uno Online

Uno Online Unblocked Hacked Game

UNO ONLINE – Popular and free UNO card game!

Welcome to the online version of the popular card game UNO! Invented in America in 1971, UNO became extremely popular in just a few weeks and is played by thousands of people around the world today, every day. This game is played with a specially printed deck of cards. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible. The deck consists of 108 cards with 4 different colors: green, blue, yellow and red. There are also some special cards in each color such as “suspend”, “turn around” and “draw 2”, as well as 8 wild cards. 4 of them allow you to change the color, the remaining 4 let your opponent draw 4 cards. At the beginning of the game each player receives 7 cards, starting the player with the most valuable cards. When you turn, you can: 1) lay a card with a matching color, number, or matching symbol; 2) play a joker or 3) draw a card from the deck by clicking the “drag” button.
If you do not like the drawn card, you can click on the “Submit button”. A match consists of several rounds, after each round points are credited according to the remaining cards to the round winner. Jokers are worth 50 points, special cards 20 points, and the points on all other cards are equal to the number on each card. At the end of the game, the points are added every round. Do not forget to press the UNO button if you only have one card left, otherwise you have to draw 2 more cards. In this online version of the UNO game, you can only play against the computer. Your teammates are Senor Ordonez and Senora Carota, do not let them win! The time in every game in UNO Online is limited, so think briskly! Good luck!

UN ONLINE control

Use your mouse to select and play a card and press buttons. Read the instructions to start for additional information about all the cards.