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Super Mechs

Super Mechs Unblocked Hacked Game

SUPER MECHS – Strategy Robot Shooter

Create awesome robots, fight with other players, and constantly upgrade your battle robot with new updates in this SUPER MECHS tactical shooter! You start with a little robot with primitive weapons and light armor. Select the pieces and drag them to an empty platform to create your first robot to fight other combat robots and earn money with new updates. SUPER balances, you and your opponent can switch and a shot in a round. Choose the right weapon and try to do more damage as far as possible on the opponent. You can approach your goal or take another step to improve accuracy. During the battle, you must follow the indicators with the indicators on your head. They show you your health, temperature and energy of your robot. Energy is needed to perform certain actions and to use electric weapons.

The temperature is high-firing pistols, if your engine overheats, your robot automatically shuts off. Health points are the most important, as soon as you leave, you will die and lose the game. Each successful shot subtracts your opponent’s health, the amount depends on the weapons you use. If you switch off your competitors, you can buy new mechanisms, more powerful engines and weapons. In Super Mechs, players can choose between two game modes: Arena and Campaign. In the arena you can play online against other robot players. During the campaign, players must complete multiple missions, increase levels, and unlock new locations. To earn the rank, you must earn enough experience points by participating in as many battles as possible. Decide how you want to play more! Have fun with this awesome robot game!

How to play SUPER MECHS

Use the mouse to create and control the robot and click on the weapon icon to fight in SUPER MECHS. Buy products and open boxes in the game shop if there are no resources. In the workshop, you can equip your robot with all the updates you have purchased, and get information about the number of heat points of the weapon and the energy it consumes. Super Mech players can also chat in Arena mode.