Slither io

Light Switch
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Game Details

Slither io Unblocked Hacked Game is an incredible mix of Snake, and TRON games! Absorb the glowing points or dying enemies and become the biggest snake in the universe of Slitherio.

Slitherio is a ticket to the world of multiplayer online games that exploded the Internet. This game is very similar to other games in the same genre, such as: Snake,, and Players will have to manage a snake or worm in an open online space. The goal of the game is to reach the maximum length.

How to play

To control a snake in Slither io is very simple, you just need to drive with the mouse. The snake will smoothly follow the arrow on the screen, so to turn the snake, you just need to rotate the mouse. When you press the left or right mouse button, the speed of your snake’s movement will increase, which will allow you to escape from rivals. Features of the game. is a cartoon graphics and no text, music and sounds that make it safe to play at school or at work. Doing posts with the game in social networks, you can earn new skins.