Shellshock Live 2

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Shellshock Live 2

Shellshock Live 2 Unblocked Hacked Game

SHELLSHOCK LIVE 2 – online multiplayer tank game

Play ShellShock Live 2, the sequel to the cool and action-packed online multiplayer artillery game with the ability to level up and upgrade your tank. The players control a tank and fight each other in spectacular battles. You can turn off your opponent with a variety of weapons. The arsenal ranges from grenades, stones, flames to rockets and more! The battles take place in a challenging terrain with hills and deep valleys, so you not only have to pay attention to the choice of your weapons, but also to estimate the correct angle and the strength of your shot. The team that has knocked out all opponents first and collected the most coins wins the game! Each player in ShellShock Live 2 will start with the same tank and a limited selection of weapons, but as the game progresses they can upgrade their tanks and unlock new models and weapons.

To reach a higher level so that you can unlock new stuff, you must gain experience points by shooting down other enemy players.
To join a game in ShellShock Live 2, you must choose and join a room with other players. In addition, there are single games by going into a one-on-one fight with another player, and you also have the opportunity to team up with other players and compete against other teams, as in the first part of ShellShock Live. After the match starts, each player may make one turn and make one shot. You only have 45 seconds to complete your turn and plan. Before you jump straight into the fight you can test all the weapons in the firing range or play crazy cards in the creator.


Controlling your shell in ShellShock Live 2 is very simple: press A and D to move, W and S to move, and SPACEBAR to shoot. For aiming you can use your MOUSE or the ARROW KEYS. To open the chat and interact with other players, press ENTER.