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PAPERIO – online multiplayer IO game

More! Even more! Most territory! Get rid of all areas with the new, cool online game PAPERIO in chic paper look. The gameplay is reminiscent of the popular multiplayer games Splixio, Superhexio and Hexario. As in any IO game, here you have to assert yourself among a multitude of players from around the world who will try to make your life hell. Your task is to conquer the screen by drawing a line in the grid and closing the bordered area. Try to expand your areas steadily and conquer the entire map, so 100%. You can play PAPERIO on your smartphone or tablet, as well as on the computer. Join in a big gaming community! Develop your own strategy and plan how to most effectively capture new territories and take over hostile territory. The rules in Paper IO are simple, yet the addictiveness is so great that it connects thousands of players from around the world. Whether from home, from work, from the university or even in the office, the fun is never too short!

How to play PAPERIO

To control your character you have to use the arrow keys. The more space you take, the more points you get. You have to think and act quickly. Circle the territory with your colored line and return to your base. Be careful not to touch your own line when circling, otherwise you will die! To prevent another player from stealing your territory, you must drive into his transparent line while outside his safe zone. If you cut his line he flies completely out of the game and has to start over.

If you bang head to head with a player in the unoccupied, neutral area, you both die together, but the clash happens in your own territory, you can continue your triumphant move and the opponent loses the round. For every kill you get 30 standard points. You can also add adjacent areas to your base and steal parts from other players. Earn most of the coins to buy a cool new avatar, eliminate as many enemies as you can to earn bonus multipliers.