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Google Feud

Google Feud Unblocked Hacked Game

GOOGLE FEUD – The most popular autocomplete game

“How do I … get a job?” a girlfriend? a six-pack? What do you think which the 10 most frequent searches are to complete this sentence? It is always very amusing to see what people from all over the world google, do not you think? In this cool and engaging puzzle game GOOGLE FEUD you have to guess which suggestions Google Search spits out for specific sentences, names or questions. The inspiration for this game comes from the TV series Family Duel, in which two families compete against each other and guess the most popular answers to surveys to win money and prizes.

The concept of GOOGLE FEUD is the same – you guess the answers and get points for correct input. To start a game, you must first choose a category from the game. The 4 categories are: culture, persons, names and questions. It’s not about time, so do not hurry, because after three false statements you have lost! Take enough time and find all 10 correct answers. Of course you could just google for the answers, but for more fun, try to stick to the rules and find the 10 correct answers on your own! The points from all rounds are put together to give a final score. Take turns with your friends in installment rounds in this fun trivia game!

How to play GOOGLE FEUD

In this cool game GOOGLE FEUD you just need your MOUSE to choose a category and enter your KEYBOARD by one word. Enter a word next to the given sentence and click on the search icon to see if you’re right or not. In GOOGLE FEUD you can even googling the answers in real after guessing all 10 answers. Click on the answers and you will be redirected directly to the Google search engine.

The best strategy to win in GOOGLE FEUD

Of course, the simplest strategy is to googling for the answers and merely copying them, but to upset the sense of the game and quickly get boring. It’s not easy to guess all 10 correct words / sentences, sometimes you have to think around the corner and really put yourself in the shoes of people. This strategy looks like this