Fleeing The Complex

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Fleeing The Complex

Fleeing The Complex Unblocked Hacked Game

Difficult Escape – Fascinating Game – Puzzle game

Welcome to the fifth game of the series about Henry Stickman, perhaps the best game of all games about little men! This game is a direct continuation of another game “Get on the Board”. The game “Difficult Escape” was developed by PuffballsUnited and sponsored by The protagonist of the game, the famous Henry Stickman again got into trouble, after his boss found out about his dirty deeds in the past. Now Henry was trapped in prison somewhere far away in Russia and you need to help him get out of there alive, at whatever cost! The problem is that the prison is guarded by a lot of Russian soldiers, but fortunately you do not need to rack your brains and look for ways to escape. All you need to do is choose one of 2 or 4 suggested options. In the game “Difficult Escape” you need to overcome several stages before you are at liberty. You have to make a choice at every stage.

Some of the options are more or less mundane and logical, and some may seem ridiculous, but do not rush to conclusions, because you never know what can work. Not all proposed options will help Henry to get out, some can be deadly, so think quickly and make the right decisions. Sometimes several variants can be right, but two different correct versions will lead to different consequences. In addition to the basic puzzles in the game, players can also earn medals by performing special tasks. They will include: fall a certain number of times, win a special way and a lot of everything else. “Difficult Escape” is an exciting, strange and addictive game in which you can play again and again!

How to Play Into A Difficult Escape

Click the left mouse button to make a choice in the game “Difficult Escape”. Click on the map icon in the lower left corner of the screen to see all the steps and go back, if suddenly you decide to change your mind and try another option. In order to see all the medals and special tasks – click on the icon in the lower right corner.