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Deep Io

About Deep Io Unblocked Hacked Game

DEEP IO – Online Multiplayer Game

Welcome to the mysterious marine world of the new IO Deepio game. Explore the deep waters in the role of one of the marine inhabitants. You can start the game like a fish, puffer fish or worm, but you will evolve into a bigger and stronger animal. To be able to mutate you must swim by the sea and eat small bright spots and other players. When you have collected enough experience points, your character will become another animal and you will level up. Each animal in Deep IO has its own special abilities and requirements. Some animals can only be under water and will die if they are out of it, some can move underground, some are poisonous and some become invisible. But they all have something in common: they eat or are eaten by other animals, so do not stay there waiting.

To kill another animal and eat its remains, you just have to hit it with your head several times. You can only kill smaller animals or those with the same level as you, as long as they are not of your same species. The green bar over the players is their life, if it fills with red, the animal dies. If you hit an animal stronger than you, you will be 15% slower for 5 seconds. It is also important to pay attention to your oxygen, temperature and pressure levels, if one of these levels starts to run out – you are in danger!

How to Play DEEP IO

Control your character by moving the mouse and press the left click to accelerate. In Deepio, players can also communicate with each other and exchange opinions about the game. Press ENTER to type, and M to show or hide the chat window. Go to the main menu by pressing ESC. You can also be invisible to other players and just swim observing how others play in spectator mode, by pressing the “SPEC” button on the initial screen. In this mode, the other players will not be able to see you until they say the magic phrase.